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Frequently asked questions

Where can I find profiles that I have added to 'My Contacts'

Follow the Menu selection "My Messages/My Contacts". When you send Hello that profile is added to your contacts. When the receiver sees your Hello and if they are interested in contact with you they can send Hello back to you. Now the both of you are connected in the messenger app. Think of it as a chat request and accept...

Why can I not exchange email address with other members.

We provide a portected zone for all members. Until two people have got to know each other it is advised that all communication remain within the service of Couples Connection Tours. Also please keep in mind that many of the ladies have only basic english skills so it is best that communications are translated from english or to english.

How do I get the ladies personal contact information.

In order to be connected with another member of 2 hearts in Love a few conditons must be met. 1 - If you are a US citizen you must complete an IMBRA form (See below for more info) 2 - You must provide a govenerment issued PHOTO ID 3 - The person you wish to have direct contact agrees (and if you are a US citizen has seem and accepted your IMBRA information, At 2 hearts we only connect couples via social media or email for a fee. To purchase this information please purchase our Matchmaking Service. It is advisable for you to be in contact with one of our Matchmakers first, she can contact the lady to be sure she is interested in you and you will not be spending money unless she agrees. We may request that a background check be run at your expense (approx $20 USD). US law ( International Marriage Broker Regulation Act ( IMBRA)), governing Foreign Introduction Agencies, we are restricted by the Federal Government in releasing any contact information until these conditions are met. One of those is that she must see and sign your personal IMBRA form, which we translate, and store for you when you meet. If you develope a good relationship without this form being completed correctly your fiancee visa may be denied. We provide these IMBRA forms to all the women you meet during any group tour and/or any type of individual meeting. The communication on the site is meant to facilitate your meeting in person. At this meeting you will be free to exchange any personal contact information as long as both parties so agree. Ferther requirements of IMBRA are issues relating to safety and other concerns as to why we do not exchange contact information until you meet in person. Remember there is no relationship until you actually meet in person.

Why can I not send Hello or Send Messages

Sending Hello and messages is reserved for our Gold Members Only. If you are not a Gold member and would like to communicate with other members please follow the Meny selection "Buy Membership/Matchmaking Service". Gold Membership is a automatic monthly fee (Free to our ladies world wide). Purchasing this option will allow you to Send Hello to any of the other members and once in contact unlimited messages.

When should I plan on a Ukrainian Singles tour.

As soon as you can posibily do it and if you have begun communicating with someone, prove to her you are serious by getting on that airplane. These ladies are not looking for a pen-pal so show here you are serions.

Is 2 Hearts In Love website secure

Yes, we use the latest technology to make sure your information is secure. When making a payment all credit card information is handeled by Pay-Pal so no trace of your card information is stored on our servers.

Why can I not see the ladies gallery

The ladies (and mens) gallery is protected to provide privacy for all parties. When you register your name and email address (free of any charge) you can browse the gallery. This apples also for the ladies.

Can I see other men registered on this site.

NO, as a man logged in you can only view the ladies gallery, this is done to protect your privacy. Same for the ladies, they can only browse the Men's gallery and not see the other ladies registered on the site,

Where do I find messages sent to me

Message that are sent to you can be found by following the Menu Selection "My Messages/My Contacts". Messages are grouped by each of your contacts.

I Forgot my password - How can I reset it

If you have forgotten your password: Go to https://2heartsinlove.com - Select Login Select Forgot password and follow the instructions.

How can I send photos to one of the ladies I am communicating with.

Media such as photos and video take up a lot of server space so currently the only way to send photos is via our main email system. We are very careful about everything that is transmitted using our servers. Just as your profile photos had to be approved so do all other photos. You may send up 10 photos attached to an email addressed to info@CouplesConnectionTours.com and in the subject line please use the following format "PHOTOS for - Ladies Profile ID - Her Name" As soon as the photos have been approved to be within our guidlines they well be forwared to the lady.

Why can't the lady in Ukraine get a tourist visa and come to the US to visit me?

USA Visitor Visa is a tourist visa to the United States of America. It is also known as B2 Visa. It is a non-immigrant visa issued to people entering the US temporarily for pleasure, tourism, or medical treatment. The percentage of of Ukrainian women getting an approved visa to the US is very low, maybe less the 2%. Ukraine is a poor country in relation to the United States therefor the US imigration office sees this as a way to remain in the US. In most all cases a K1 visa in required if you wish for a lady to visit you as her sponsor and is valid for 90 days. Even marring in Ukraine can take several months to be approved by the U.S. Immigration Department and Department of Homeland Security. For additional up-to-date infomation as the Immigration process is changing it is best to do a little research on the internet and consult with an Immigration attorney. Keep in mind that Ukraine allows US passport holders to enter for a 90 day period (90/180) visa free. There are several way to spend time together once you begin the visa process.


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