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Frequently Aasked Questions (FAQs)

Why can I not exchange email or other personal information.

We provide a portected zone for all members. Until two (2) members have got to know each other it is advised that all communication remain within the service of 2 Hearts in Love. Also please keep in mind that many of the ladies have only basic english skills so it is best that communications are translated from english or to english. Once the 2 of you have got to know each other and wish to have direct communication you can purchase this using our Matchmaking service. Please see What is Matchmaking Service here in FAQs.

How do I get the ladies personal contact information.

In order to exchange any personal information you must have completed IMBRA form (found within your profile page must be filled out and approved by our office. This is sent to the person you wish and if they accept that information then and only then can email or some form of Social Media contact be exchanged. US law (International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA), governing Foreign Introduction Agencies, we are restricted by the Federal Government in releasing any contact information until these conditions are met. One of those is that she must see and sign your personal IMBRA form, which we translate, and store for you when you meet. In some cases we/lady may request that a background check be run at your expense (approx $20 USD) Further requirements of IMBRA are issues relating to safety and other concerns as to why we do not exchange contact information until you meet in person. Remember there is no relationship until you actually meet in person.

Why can I not send messages? (Button disabled)

To exchange messages with outher members on the site you must be a Gold Member.

Is 2 Hearts in Love website secure

Yes, we use the latest technology to make sure your information is secure. When making a payment all credit card information is handeled by Pay-Pal so no trace of your card information is stored on our servers.

Why can I not see the ladies or mens gallery

The ladies (and mens) gallery is protected to provide privacy for all parties. When you register your name and email address (free of any charge) and complete your profile we will review and approve it. Thenyou can browse the gallery.

What happens to the messages I send.

When you write a send a message to another member it is captured and held within our server. Our agents/translators will review the content of your message to ensure that no personal information is contained within it. It is then sent to your contact and notifying them that they have received a new message you. I many cases members in some regions may not have good access to the internet, which require our agents to contact them by other means. This is the same process when you receive a new message form another member. Please remember that there is also a large time difference between members, So be patient.

I Forgot my password or I want to change it.

To reset your password from main Login/Signup Screen select "Login/Signup' this will open the signin screen. Find "Forgot Password' and click on it and folllow the on screen instructions to create a new password. If this fails to direct you to the reset password screen your browser settings are set to remember your passwords even if your forget. In this case you can use the following URL to by-pass the logn in screen: If you still wish to change your password selext Logout from the main Menu to see the reset password screen.

Why can't the ladies in Ukraine and Russia get a tourist visa and come to the US to visit me?

USA Visitor Visa is a tourist visa to the United States of America. It is also known as B2 Visa. It is a non-immigrant visa issued to people entering the US temporarily for pleasure, tourism, or medical treatment. The percentage of of Ukrainian women getting an approved visa to the US is very low, maybe less the 2%. Ukraine is a poor country in relation to the United States therefor the US imigration office sees this as a way to remain in the US. In most all cases a K1 visa in required if you wish for a lady to visit you as her sponsor and is valid for 90 days. Even marring in Ukraine can take several months to be approved by the U.S. Immigration Department and Department of Homeland Security. For additional up-to-date infomation as the Immigration process is changing it is best to do a little research on the internet and consult with an Immigration attorney. Keep in mind that Ukraine allows US passport holders to enter for a 90 day period (90/180) visa free. There are several way to spend time together once you begin the visa process.

I have reveived a message from someone. How to see their message?

When you receive a notification email from the 2 Hearts In Love server it means that one of the members has written to you expressing interest in you. You will find their letter to you by selecting "My Messages" from the menu. Messages are displayed in your INBOX in the order they are received with the most recent at the top followed by the older ones. You can directly reply to messages from each message, Click on "REPLY". After you have written your reply message be sure to select SEND. You can review each of the messages from your OUTBOX.

What is Matchmaking Service?

Matchmaking Service is designed to bring you together faster. STEP 1 Get in contact with one of our Matchmakers on Social Media. STEP 2 Browse the gallery and send a list of profiles you are interested in to our matchmaker. She will then contact each of the ladies to be sure they are interested in you. Of course if you have been using your Gold Membership and already in contact with a lady it much easier. STEP 3 If you are a US citizen you must have a completed IMBRA form on file with us and provide a government issued form of ID. STEP 4 When our matchmaker is sure the two of you are in agreement to have direct communication then you need to purchase the service. This fee is per/case. If you don't want to take the time to browse the gallery and make selectons you can purchase the service in advance and our matchmaker will find ladies for you... Your choice... But first get in contact with one of our matchmakers first on Social Media Facebook or on Instagram NatalieForCouples.